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Inward Scream 03 by xxLulu Inward Scream 03 by xxLulu
Part three of three. Read right to left, Japanese way.

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Presenting the 2007 Inward Scream Tour of Dir en grey


つぎはKaoruでした。 Kaoruが好きじゃないけど、かれとあくしゅうしています。ー>ました
Next was Kaoru. I don't really like Kaoru, but I shook his hand.
(I accidentally used present tense instead of past ^^;

「いや・・・早くサインしてください。」 Ehhh...hurry up and sign, please.

それから、セクシーなToshiyaは私のむねにサインしました。 (これはセクシー)
Then, the sexy Toshiya signed my chest. (This is sexy/what sexy looks like)

Toshiyaはわらって、嬉しそうでした。 (ぷにぷに) ホホホ!
Toshiya was smiling; he looked happy. (Squish squish!) Ho ho ho~ (Toto's laugh)

さいごのサインはDie君でした。 (これもセクシーです)
The last signature was Diekun's (This is also sexy/sexiness)

He was a really handsome person and, I was scared and couldn't speak!

あ・・ありがとうございます! (はずかしい)
Th-thank you! (How embarassing of me!)

おじのける (The dictionary I used says it means to slide or push out of the way -- EXACTLY WHAT DIEKUN DID! XD)


げんかんに出ました。 その後に会場の外で友達とタクシーを待っていました。 (どうですか。)
I left the hallway. Afterwards, outside of the venue I waited with my friends for the taxi. (How was it/What happened!?)

We didn't stop talking, we were too excited.

It is an unforgettable concert, isn't it!

ugh holy crap this is like three years old T_T;
Lulu has had three more years of Japanese since then, and is going to Japan in a month...sigh.)

Anyway, me
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AnnaWieszczyk Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2008
I'd like to read this comic in a language I understand, it's totally cute either way throught...

...but who the heck are you? writin in japanease about concert in us and your signature is polish...o.O! I'm confused^^
xxLulu Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
8D o hay late response!
Lulu likes to say she's "cultured", but tends to lie about things. I study languages is all~
Anfinity Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2007   Writer
Yaay, you finished it :DD I wanna read it, but my computer refuses to full-view at the moment D:
Tissage Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2007
GAH!! I can read the hirigana and soame katakana but I cant read the kanji...and I dunno what half of the words say..

I wish I could have gotten my shirt signed by diru, I went to he one in Orlando. I just got glared at by Kyo (For shouting that he was cute) and Die. Your so lucky though =P
xxLulu Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
XD being glared at is awesome, though. Die was laughing at us because we touched his boots >>;
Kyo is cute, though. Like a cute little gnome (xD) :nod: the pictures I think are self-explanatory :C
:bulletred: I'm telling Kaoru to "just hurry up and sign the damn shirt" xD
:bulletpurple: Totchi looked too happy (the katakana says "squishsquish" xD)
:bulletblue: It says "Diekun is a really handsome guy, and I was so nervous I couldn't speak". The katakana is a heartbeat noise :3
And for some reason there was even wind and sakura petals falling because he was so pretty XD
Tissage Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2007
gnomes are scary >< Kyo is more like an angry kitten XD

I freaked out when I saw Shinya though. I was all like SHINYA!!!!!!SHINYA!!!! People were staring at me. He needs facial expressions when he play's.

Die-kun is adorable. He's so smexy =3
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