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Phantasy Menagerie I by xxLulu Phantasy Menagerie I by xxLulu
I'm sorry; the scanner ate this.
Note: Original characters. Please don't ask "what anime is this from?" because I am tired of that question, and frankly, insulted.

In the top left corner: Juliet and Ophelia from BEAST.

Underneath is Scottie, from an untitled project I started in fourth grade ^^;
Scottie is a scottish-fold cat, that sports a collar her owner found in a black magick shoppe by mistake (to be fair, there was a whole section that looked like pet supplies). The collar gives her the ability to transform into a human-like creature (keeping her cat-ears), with witchy powers.

Underneath is Lady Ayame, from Dragon Shards. The wandering desert wayfarer Ayame stumbles across a castle in a far away kingdom and works for the Prince there, a Prince who accidentally cast a curse on the land and together they work to break the spell.

Underneath the red-haired Prince Ichiro is Zinnia, the Gothic Lolita. She is from Shinigami Blog.

Underneath this Lolita is The Red Queen, or, The Queen of Hearts. The Red Queen appears in both Ignes Fatui and Sweet Reveries II, or "S2" for short.
The Red Queen is a seductive and formidable opponent.

Next to Prince Ichiro's floating head is Graham (No. 08) and Inga (No. 12), of the LuvLuv Piratess Crew.

The girl in the braids, is Erika Kiel. She is elsewhere in my gallery.

Right underneath Erika is Mitsuku. She steals, gambles, litters, and doesn't use coasters under her drinks(!)
Can the newly deceased angel Reina cure her of her evil ways to earn her wings? DUN DUN DUNNN.

Underneath is Rinoa Geshi-ta, elsewhere in my gallery.

Underneath is Vanity, with pink hair. She's an actress from the 20s, who died in a fatal car crash with another popular actress: her best friend, Vinegar. Their agent survived and sold the script to their next movie to an up-and-coming actress, so the ghosts are out to haunt him. Vaudeville style.

Right above Vanity is Mateusz, from Sweet Reveries.

Starting from the top again, looking smug, is Zora Mokumoku, Erika's boyfriend.

The two faces around the rose are Leo and his girlfriend Wilimine. They are from Black Candy Clouds.

Underneath the rose is a trio of pirates: Wendy, Locke, and John. No. 3, 2, and 4 of the LuvLuv Piratess Crew.

To the right is Emi Utemaro, from Silent Smile.

Under Emi is Lis, or Lisabeth, from a currently untitled project. She is best friends with a ghost. Wacky antics, blah blah blah.

Finally is the couple of Marmalaide and Velarius, from Shinigami Blog, or "ShiniBurogu". However, Velarius doesn't know that little blonde Marmalaide is a boy in drag.
In their society, everything has to be black-and-white, no inbetweens, and homosexuality must be cleverly disguised by playing into old-fashioned gender roles. </wry political commentary>
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AquaAngelus Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2007  Professional
Oh my goodness I absolutely adore this! *^_^* Every little drawing has so much detail and color packed into it! Collages like this are really neat to see because they are sort of like a view into the imagination of the artist. This is gorogeous! *^_^*
xxLulu Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2007  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
;w; why thank you so much! it's so heartwarming to hear that; i really do appreciate it. thank you for the :+fav:, too!

:> i just love your work, so i have to watch you!
AquaAngelus Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2007  Professional
Aw your welcome! It is a very lovely picture! Thank you sooo much for the comment, the fave, and the watch! *BIGHUGS*
philosophy3 Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2007
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